Sony Vegas Pro Download For Window PC full Version With Crack

Sony Vegas Pro Download For Window PC full Version With Crack
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Sony Vegas Pro is video editing software which aims at producing high-quality HD videos. Firstly, Sony Vegas Pro 13 was developed as audio editing software and later on more features were added to it and launched as “video editing software”(

Sony Vegas Pro is the video editing software suite for Non-Linear Editing (NLE).Sony Vegas Pro launched by Sonic Foundry. Sony Vegas Pro is written in C# and JScript language. One of the most important features is that it allows users to put various types of formats and give freedom to edit them they want to do it.

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SonyVegas Pro 13 released on 11 April 2014 which comes with more features tools and streamlined works to professional content producers. Sony Vegas Pro Pro 13 supports a variety of multimedia tasks, and it comes in three new configurations:-
Sony Vegas Pro 13 Edit: Video and Audio Production
Sony Vegas Pro 13:- Video, audio, Blue-ray Disc Creation
Sony Vegas Pro13 Suite:- Editing Disc Authoring.
Sony Support for Windows Vista was not found valid.


Sony Vegas Pro 14 was released on 20 September 2016 with advanced 4K upscaling as well as various bug fixes, higher velocity video limit, RRD camera support, and various other features.
Sony Vegas Pro 14 was launched under the umbrella of MAGIX.

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Sony Vegas Pro 15 was released on 28 August 2017. There was a change in UI which claims to bring improvements and customization. Vegas Pro 15 also allows more efficient editing speeds, adding new shortcuts to speed up editing.
Sony Vegas Pro 15 includes support for Intel Quick Sync Video and other technology with various other features.

Sony Vegas Pro 16 was on released on 27 August 2018. Sony Vegas Pro 16 has some new features includes file backup, motion tracking, 360-degree editing, and HDR support.



Operating System:- Microsoft Windows 7 (64- bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (64- bit), Microsoft Windows 10 (64- bit)

Processor:- 2.5 GHz 4-core processor (3 GHz and eight cores recommended for 4K)

RAM:- 8GB RAM minimum (16 GB suggested; 32 GB recommended for 4K)

Hard Drive Space:- 1.5 GB hard disc space for program installation; Solid –state disk or high –speed multimedia disk RAID for 4K media.

Graphics Card:- Graphics Card supported with NVIDIA for hardware rendering.

Other:- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 SP1

Internet Connection:- It is required for registering and validating the program, as well as some program functions.

Program requires one –time registration.

Sony Vegas Pro has made our work easy in case of editing videos.

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How Sony Vegas Pro Work:-
Following points would help us to illustrate to us to know how does it work:-

  1. Click on “file” at the top left side of the screen and choose “import” option you would want edit and now drag the imported clips of that file on timeline tracks.
  2. In timeline has video and audio tracks which help us in editing and to add an effect click on “effects” option and then implies on it.
  3. To add masking click on the video clip, you would like to perform. Now click on “Anchor Creation Tool” to create points around the object you want to mask. Now click on “mask” option to perform it.
  4. Now to export the edited video click on “file” and then select “export” menu, after it selects video format in you to want the program to export it.

The advantage of Sony Vegas Pro as follows:-
Firstly, Vegas does not require any specialized hardware to run properly, and it runs on almost every window.
Secondly, Vegas provides a broad toolset including 3D track motion composting with control over z- depth and spatial arrangement of visual planes including plane intersection.

Thirdly, Vegas had the option of effects which can be applied at any point like reverb, event level, output level, and master output effects can also be controlled by the use of Master Bus Track automation envelopes.


Firstly download and install a current copy of Sony Vegas Pro 13 in our system. This software is available on the official site.
After the successful installation of software is on your system and then download Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack.
Right click and extract the “Sony Vegas Pro 13 crack.executable.’ using WinRar.
Double click on Sony Vegas Pro 13 crack.exe and install the crack and run it.
Now click on patch button to start the activation and after completing it click on “finish” option.

A plug is an element of software whose function is to add new features to an application. Though Sony Vegas Pro has its video effects and built-in plugin the new plugin will make us more experience and productive.

Now here are some best Sony Vegas Pro Plugin:-

  1. Film Looks Free a visual effects plugin is hugely used full for video editing and has a collection of professional styles and ready to use presets. The other features are:-
    Color grading:-
    The classification presents along with film grain plates will give your video a filmy look. Thus we can use it later where we want.
    Filmy customized:-
    The OFX video filter forms the base of all cinematic looks. Thus it will surely provide us the advantage of GPU accelerated video processing and executing.
  2. Boris GRAFFITI:-
    The critical feature of this plugin is text on a path, vector paint system, 3D version with materials, reflection mapping and lights. The other features are:-
    35 Filter effects:-
    There are 35 filter effects in Boris Graffiti such as particles, radial blurs, procedural generators like clouds, snow, rain, etc. The new light effect such as rings, radiant and rays.

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