Sheppard Software Online Free Learning Games

Sheppard Software Online Free Learning Games
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SHEPPARD SOFTWARE can be seen as a boon in an educational field because it as an educational software which was designed by “Richard Shepherd” and “Peter Cooke” in 1982. When we see a young boy playing in a park, we often go down in our childhood days. At that time we always remember that our parents always worried about our studies but we were busy playing. Have we ever thought about this? Our answer would be might that studies were very boring at that time isn’t it. With the introduction of Shepherd Software, the learning was found as “fun” for learners.                              

The primary object of this software can be summed up in following points:-

  1. To make learning more fun as by adding visual effects and sound to it.
  2. Another aim was that to set a platform, where we can test their talents and their understanding power of handling the various situations that emerged in different levels of games.
  3. At last, but not the least another aim was to test their “analytical power of thinking.”


RICHARD SHEPHERD and PETER COOKE designed this software in 1982. Well, this software is called “House of Software” because this software not only used in an educational but is also used in designing various adventurous games like “Warzone.”
Sheppard software house was said to be active in between 1982 to 1984.”Richard Shepherd and “Peter Cooke” designed their first program, i.e., “They introduced finance utility” and “Cash Controller” application. This both claim is now brought a significant change in the field of finance.
In 1991 an issue was raised by “Amstrad Action” publishing company because a game called “Warzone” was popular was found to be series of “Worms Armageddon” and this was already an eight years old idea of the above mention series. This game was coded by “Richard Shepherd,” and it was coded of 14 lines.


“Sheppard Software” had not only limited its scope in an educational area but it also developed various software in the field of online games, that can be listed below:-

  1. Sheppard Software Food chain Game
  2. Sheppard Software Mouse Trap
  3. Sheppard Software US States level 1
  4. Sheppard Software Paint and Make
  5. Sheppard Software Animal Diet Game

The above games were developed and designed by this Sheppard Software only. Later on this “house of software” was converted into a website called “Sheppard”

One of the most famous online game called “Food Chain Game.”This online game helps the learners to know how this process works. In this process nutrients are passed from creature to creatures, i.e., Plant prepare foods when it absorbs sunlight from the sun it gets, then it converts into glucose, carbon dioxide and starch it stores in it. This process is called “PHOTOSYNTHESIS.” After this process, these plants are eaten by animals like bears, giraffes, cows and this way this process continues. At the last stage these animals are eaten by the tiger, lions with this cycle continues. This whole process is termed as “Food Chain.”This online game was very much favorite among parents and teachers. Well in this online game with the help of visual effects, sounds and graphical pictures this entire game was designed.

sheppard software

Paint and make software was designed by “Sheppard Software”. To promote creative minds, Sheppard Software had been designed. This software not only promotes creative minds but also allow to paint their surroundings. They want to see. Wow. Is it so nice, it had brought us into a “Fantasy World” where it facilitates us with all the options we want to say it.
This “Paint and Make” software provides with graphical shapes of the sun, clouds and so on while dragging an area we want to draw it we can construct it. For example, we want to draw “ Sun,” then we click on the option provided on the toolbar with the option “sun.” After clicking it, we drag that option in an area where we want to draw. This software was designed by “Jasmine Chapgar.” It is not only limited to this, but it also provides us with features with the help of those we can construct a landscape, backyards, rivers, oceans, clouds, forests and farms.

When do we talk about studies the first picture arises in our mind that books, teachers and our parents right? As time changes our educational system and its way of teaching had been split from the traditional way of teaching into smart classes. In “Smart Classes,” teachers use a smarter way of teaching with the help of various software like “ Sheppard Software”. Sheppard Software had not only limited to online games but it uses can being in subjects like Math, Geography, Science and so on. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. sheppard software geography
  2. sheppard software math
  3. sheppard software states
  4. sheppard software Africa
  5. sheppard software Europe
  6. sheppard software Asia
  7. sheppard software fractions
  8. sheppard software brain games

By seeing the above software, we can safely say really technology has changed the way of learning.
Let’s take an example of a leading online game named “Math Bubble.” According to this games the various pictures of animals, birds come in the form of images we have to add them, multiply, divide them, and it was set when we reached certain levels. Above games perform all necessary operations of mathematics through which students can lean than easily and interestingly.
Above all, we could see how “SHEPPARD SOFTWARE” can be seen as an ocean of software which has no boundaries to its expansions. With the introduction of this software studies, games, arts are more interesting because of this.

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