Microsoft Photo Editor For Windows 10 – Full Setup

Microsoft Photo Editor For Windows 10 – Full Setup
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With the introduction of Microsoft photo editor, a significant change can be seen in a history of computers. Today at a single click we can perform multiple task or activities at a time than earlier days. When Windows XP was in introduced by Microsoft than a feature called Microsoft photo editor was include in this. A new trend can be seen in our today’s youth which can be termed as the selfie and can be edit in Microsoft photo editor.


Microsoft Photo Editor is the best photo editor software of Microsoft office first included with Microsoft office 97. Now before moving further, we must know that what meaning of raster graphics.

Microsoft photo editor, raster graphics is a type of graphics which is made of pixels. Each pixel contains some information in it, as which color it has stored in it. The raster graphics image can be said as an inferior graphics than vector graphics, because in this when an image is zoomed then at a certain point, we can see that the clarity of picture can be lost. The non-clarity of an image emerged due to the insufficient number of pixels present in it. That’s why we can safely say that vector is better than raster graphics.

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Microsoft photo editor provides a feature with its editing tools like texturize, create negatives of an image and so on. This component of Windows XP had brought a significant change to a field of photo editing as a nowadays this field has changed in a professional area.


This component was replaced by Microsoft office 2003 by Microsoft office picture manager as in this Microsoft photo editor was not available. The early version of Microsoft photo editor does not seem able to store metadata from digital camera JPEG image. As in this office, 2000 version does not seem able to set a display resolution of metadata of BMP files to 0 rather than what a decision is established through a program UI.

With the introduction of Microsoft photo editor version, we can store large bitmap BMP files can be accessed in Microsoft photo editor as well. When Microsoft photo editor version 3.01 was it removed introduced, we found that when we begin our program, it has no way of maximizing it, so this Microsoft photo editor version 3.01 was not to be fruitful.
With the improvement of various versions in it Microsoft Photo Editor the features like cropping an image, resizing and so on as possible.

The following steps will help us to work on Microsoft Photo Editor:-
    1.  Go to the start.
    2. Select All Program option and then select Microsoft Office then under it click Microsoft Photo Editor to open.
    3. Now click open button and double click on the desired picture that is present on your computer.
    4. Select a folder from where that an image is store and after drag it.
    5. To resize an image release the mouse button and then drag the desired edge of the selection.
    6. To select an entire image press ctrl+A on your keyword. After picking a dimension of an image press Ctrl+C to copy an image and then press Ctrl+V to paste an image.
    7. Rotate an image than click “image menu” click “rotate” option and then select desired rotation.
    8. If we want to zoom an image than click on desired zoom option and then select the desired zooming point in Microsoft Photo Editor For Windows PC including Mac.
    9. To sharpen an image, i.e., Background of an image then click sharpen button present in toolbars and then click and drag over the area that had to be sharpened area.
    10. Click on Smudge Button and click on the desired area of an image to be sharper.
    11. After this select save option than an option comes as Save as then in file menu bar title it says “My first editing image” and giving the title to this bar menu save an image as “Microsoft photo editor.jpg.”

After going to the above points, it is clear that if we follow the above mention steps, we can be able to do many multiple tasks at a single click, i.e., zooming of an image, cropping, sharpen of colors it contains in the background of an Image and so on in Microsoft photo editor.

This is How you can download Microsoft Photo Editor for Windows PC

Above this, we can see that this “PHOTO EDITING” has now turned into a “Professional field” which has added a new area of working to an IT Industries. Microsoft Photo Editor can we see as a boon to those Software engineers who are fearful of coding and do not able to work in this sector are now able to work in this sector, because of the introduction of this field. Microsoft Photo Editor will be uploaded soon on our website

This development of technology not only came as the boon for such type of engineers but it can be seen to human touch because these engineers are now able to work in this sector and can find themselves as equal to other engineers who are working in fields like application development, testing and so on.


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