Microsoft Office 2019: Download and Install Into Your PC

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Microsoft Office 2019 is a suite of software that carries word processor, spreadsheet and other productivity software that is used nowadays.

Microsoft office helps us make to create documents, presentation and also provide features to manage email and calendars. Microsoft office helps us to handle large files and produce a functionality to keep a record of work of a team.

Microsoft office is termed as a package of software which is used over a billion people across the world. Microsoft Office used mainly by cooperative societies, but nowadays everyone is accessing it.

Microsoft 2019

One of the best things about Microsoft Office is that it has many unique products like Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and so on. As days go on Microsoft Office has released many versions like mobile-based application, web-based application, desktop based application. The desktop-based application is most widely based use application.

Microsoft office was developed by Microsoft on 1 August 1998. Microsoft was founded by BILL Gates at Las Vegas.

Some of the features are as follows:-

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019 provides us with many amazing features like Morph Transition, zoom, and 3D model features. The Morph Transition facilitates the smooth movement of one slide to another slide. The particular function is the movement of text, shapes, pictures, and charts. To add more effectiveness to a presentation, we are provided with another unique function called “Zoom.” The “Zoom” features offer us to move from one portion to another portion of the slide. Slide Zoom functions allow the searching of the slide in any order. Section Zoom feature helps us to highlight a particular part of the slide. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019 has introduced a particular function, i.e., use of “3D models”. The inserting of 3D models boosts the presentation as there is more use of visual effects are added because we can rotate the image through 360 degrees and can erase the background of the slide. The freedom of deleting an environment and selection of an area gives a new look to a slide.

Microsoft Office word 2019MICROSOFT OFFICE EXCEL 2019:- Microsoft Office Excel 2019 provides many unique features like funnel charts, Insights, 2D map charts and so on. The Funnel Chart function of Microsoft Office Excel 2019 would help us to know the flow of the process from the initial state to the final rule. The Funnel Chart can be used well when we mentioned the order of data so that all the possible state can be stated at a glance. The funnel Chart would give us the exact view of the process and also help us to keep a record of the work. The 2D map chart function would only work when it has contained all the geographical data in it. The 2D map chart would help us to provide the information of an area at a point without going to Google.

Data visualization with insights function would help us retrieve the information from the collection of data whether it is useful or not by viewing it and with insight function, we can add new data if required.


Microsoft Office Word 2019 provides with some unique features like the breaking of the language barrier, improving reading experience and many more. Microsoft Office Word 2019 help us to improve our writing skills and communicating skills as we can now use pen-enabled devices, i.e., we can convey our information by converting texts into a specific shape. This unique function helps us translate words into another language and viewing its effects with Ribbon Tab in the ribbon.

Microsoft Office Word 2019 gives us a new look to reading as we can adjust text spacing, column width, highlighting text when we are performing a reading task and can change the color of the page as per our requirement. The use of Latex syntax to creates and edit the math equation are also incorporated in it. Microsoft Office Word provides us with a particular function of adding visual effects to our word. We can see two pages side by side at a time can be seen as a boost feature of it.


Microsoft Office Outlook 2019 provides us with some feature like accessibility checker, focused inbox, adding visual effects, listening to our emails. Accessibility Checker checks the content of any document, an email and would tell us how it is feasible for people when they read it especially the content of it. As accessibility checker checks how much the material is easy to understand and enjoyable to read it.

The Focused Inbox feature is the best function as it separates the tabs into two segments namely as Focused and Other. The Focused tab has important emails while another check has the rest of an email.

The Scalable Vector Graphics help us to rotate, color and resizing of an image can be performed, so this gives us more visual effects to it.

Microsoft Office One Note 2019 has one unique feature, i.e., we can add a link to our note and cut, paste it as per our requirements.  The table options of Microsoft Office One Note provide us with the new feature as to hide our border, selecting the range of cells gallery can be added to it.

The paste options would give us the freedom of merging of formatting and keeping of a source. Microsoft Translator is added to One Note to improve our communicating skills.


The Microsoft Office 2019 was released on April 27, 2018, and it runs on the platform like IA-32, X64 with availability in 102 languages.

For Windows Microsoft Office 2019 was released on April 27, 2018, and on June 12, 2018, got published for Mac OS.



  1. This section will deal with the system requirement of Microsoft Office 2019 are as follows:-
  2. Operating System- Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, Mac OS Sierra
  3. Platform- IA-32, x64, ARM,
  4. Memory- 4GB RAM and 4.0 GB of available disk space must be free
  5. Processor- 1.6 GHz or 2-core Intel processor is the minimum requirement of it.

This section deals with the steps which would help us to download for Windows and Mac OS are as follows:-

Microsoft Office 2019 for window and Mac

  1. First, go to the browser and visit the site and sign in it, after performing this make an account if you would not have.
  2. Click on download option to download Microsoft Office 2019 and wait for the installation of it.
  3. Now choose installation of Microsoft Office 2019 and wait for completion of it and click on finish option to complete the task so that they can be installed on our system.
  4. Now run the office.

The following steps will provide us the guidance of installing it:-

    1. First visit to the site termed as from our browser and sign in it.
    2. To download it, click on “Download for Mac OS” option to continue the task.
    3. After completion of the above task choose “installation for Mac OS” option for installation.
    4. After this click on finish option and choose run option to run the office on our system.

The difference between Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2019 are as follows:-

Microsoft Office and Office 365

  1. Office 365 is a subscription-based service while Microsoft Office 2019 is a one-time product buying it.
  2. Office 365 provides us with the latest feature of security and latest productive feature while Microsoft Office 2019 provides us with no such function as Office 365 has in it.
  3. Office 365 deals with the best basic version of performing any task while Microsoft Office 2019 deals with no such basic versions.
  4. Office 365 is expensive, and Microsoft Office 2019 is cheaper than it.

Microsoft Office 2019 have some missing features like unlock creativity, intelligent security and so on.
Some of the missing features are listed below:-

    1. Unlocks Creativity
    2. Editor in Word
    3. Designer in PowerPoint
    4. Ideas in Excel
    5. Integrated for simplicity
    6. Language packs included
    7. Fast track Options
    8. Shared computer licensing
    9. Intelligent Security
    10. Office 365 Message Encryption
    11. Office Enterprise Protection
    12. ATP in Word, Excel, PowerPoint


Some features of Microsoft office 2019 are as follows:-

  1. ADVANCED PRESENTATION FEATURES:- As this version of Microsoft office comes to some useful features when we talk about PowerPoint. PowerPoint of 2019 includes features like “Morph and Zoom” so that we can create a dynamic presentation.
  2. POWERFUL DATA ANALYSIS:- Microsoft office 2019 provides some new formulas in Excel, some new charts like funnel charts and another feature called 2D maps are included in this version. Provide the ability to publish from Excel to Power BI.
  3. EASIER EMAIL MANAGEMENT:- Microsoft Office 2019 provides features like updated contact cards, office 365 groups, @mentions. The “@ mention “ command gives us the freedom to tag people to send the email.


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