Download Microsoft Office 2016 for PC

Download Microsoft Office 2016 for PC
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Microsoft Office is a boon for a cooperative society as it allows managers to keep a record of work at one place. Microsoft Office is useful for creating letters, envelopes, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Microsoft Office is a server which is useful as a client and server software. Microsoft Office is a package of productivity software like Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Word, one Note and so on.

microsoft office 2016 products

Features of Microsoft Office Word 2016-

Microsoft Office Word 2016 is a collection of many unique functions like co-authoring, fast part, format painter and so on.

Co-authoring function works on multiple user process, i.e., more than one user can work on the same document at a time. Co-authoring gives the users to work on the same material at a time while accessing it on their devices also. Co-authoring gives the freedom of seeing the work of the participants in what section they are performing the task.

The use of Format Painter gives us a freedom to set an element, adding of text on the existing image is applies over it. Format Painter themes allow us to adjust the colors of items to make an impressive way.

Find and Replace option of Microsoft Office Word 2016 gives us another freedom, i.e., we can find a particular word in a document and is replace from all the places at a time, so this function saves a lot of time. It allows us to change the format style also.

Quick Part produces a feature not to repeat a word again and again over a document. The Quick Part option is seen under the ribbon tab as it allows us to highlight a specific particular using it.


Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 has many features like a planner, push email, quick message preview and so on.
The Planner function of Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 helps the managers to keep a view of work. This keeping a record of action is accessed by a manager with the help of a desktop. Creation of desktop would help the manager to track the progress of work and also able to see who is working or not in a team. The best feature of Planner, i.e., if anybody of a team makes any changes then an automatically a notification is sent to all the members of a group along with the manager on a desktop.

The Push email support option gives us the freedom to access a new email, as soon a user can log in, and if it misses any email, then they can get it back on clicking “Get Mail button” option.
Quick Message Preview provides us feature that we can view the first sentence of the message and on that basis, the user can decide that message is relevant or not for him.

microsoft office 2016 products


Microsoft Office Excel 2016 has many features like Tell Me Box, 3D data map and so on.
Tell me box is like a search feature which lists the functions, operation related to the search word or term and addition of lookup uses the internet when we search any topic.
3 D map chart helps to provide location data along with the other data fields. This maps chart would provide world map with bars and columns with the area we attach it. 3 D map chart allows us to record a simulation video showing a change of value over a specified period.
Sunburst Chart is a chart that allows us to analyze sales of the company and it provides of breaking of a product’s sales by salesperson and customer purchased.
The charting is done on from the sales and then dividing it according to a respective salesperson.
Waterfall charts are the best feature chart that allows us to show the movement of an initial point to final point of financial data and by looking over it, we can find the strength and weakness of an economic data which was produced.


Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 has many features like morph transition, quick shape format, screen recording, smart look up and many more.
The Morph transition helps us to make animation, transitions and object movement over the slides is performed. The morph transition helps to change color when we move from one slide to another.

Quick Shape formats allow us to draw any shapes in quickly like changing of a format style and can fill the different types of colors as per the requirements. Screen recording feature enables us to select a particular section that we want and insert it in a presentation to explain it.
The Smart lookup features provide quick access to searching. The Smart Lookup function helps to sort information quickly. Insight feature helps us to highlight the information and image we have selected.


Microsoft Office One Note 2016 has some unique feature like office lens, sending of emails to oneself, sharing and much more.
Office lens functions help us to add a picture that we take through our smartphones directly. This application further provides us for reading the block images or equations in an easy format.

The sending of an email to ourselves is a unique type of feature so that we can keep a record of an important email at one place. This particular function would allow the user to get the rid of unimportant email as they erased from an email record.

Sharing feature allows us to share a note with many people online over the internet. It further allows us the freedom to add our notes to another personal note and can also upload it as per requirements.


The following steps of installation of Microsoft Office 2016 for windows are as follows:-

  1. First, visit the site and then sign in it and then click on “download for windows” option to download it.
  2. After download click on “installation” button and wait for the extraction of the file, so that is extracted and installed in our system.
  3. After this activity choose “finish” option so that these software products can run on our system.
  4. Run the file on our network and kept it at one place so that it is accessed whenever we want.


The steps of installation are as follows:-

  1. First, visit the site and then sign in and then click on “download for Mac OS” option to download it.
  2. After download option waits for installation option and when it was performed click on finish option and make a folder so that it is kept in one place, access it whenever we want.
  3. Now run the file on our system.

microsoft office 2016 products


Microsoft Office 2016 was released on July 9, 2015, for Mac and on September 22, 2015, for windows. Microsoft Office 2016 is launched on 25 July 2015 with 102 different languages under the type of office suite.


The system requirements are as follows:-

  1. Operating System- Windows 7, Windows 10 and Window Server 2008
  2. Platform –IA-32,x64
  3. Memory- 4GB of RAM must be free of hard disk
  4. Processor- 1.2 GHz processor or a faster processor.

Missing Features of Microsoft Office 2016-

The missing features are as follows:-

  1. The numbering feature is removed from Microsoft Office 2016, but it has an only bulleted tab as a default tab.
  2. Clipart feature is missing from this version.
  3. The document information Panel is removed for this.
  4. EPS format file format are no longer in use.

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