Download and Install Microsoft Office 2013

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Microsoft Office has a core application along with various versions of it. The most commonly used version is “desktop version” along with mobile-based version, web version and many more. The introduction of Mobile-based version brought the Microsoft in mobile also as it can safely run on mobile devices.

Well, the launching of Mobile version has brought a new impact in the history of mobiles as now users have an option to switch over from android system to windows system.

Features of Microsoft Office Word 2013:-

Under Microsoft Office Word 2013 provides us with some extended features like choosing themes, colors fonts that used in writing in it. Document formatting tool helps us to preview a document style before we apply and also provides us with some new format design of the document.

A new function called “Reader Mode” has introduced that allow a user to resize a document and also provides us a feature to enlarge any image or chart for easier reading.

Microsoft Office Word 2013 allows us to open a document which is in the form of PDF and edited without any other application users.

Features of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013:-

Presenter View of Microsoft Office 2013 give us a feature to see our notes on a monitor while the audience only allows looking at the slides, we can also zoom the slide, jump into another slide.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 allows us to share the document online and also create it online. It also allows us to record audio for each slide of the presentation.

microsoft office powerpoint 2013

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 also supports multimedia like .mp4, AAC audio and play background music when people are viewing our slide.

Features of Microsoft Office Outlook 2013:-

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 view has changed as color scheme are white, light grey and dark grey to give a new look to it. New features introduced in Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 which we called as “attachment reminder” this would help us to remind the attachment file to attach if we mention the word “attachment” in it.

The Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 introduces another feature called “Message Preview” which gives us a glance view of the message content.

Features of Microsoft Office Publisher 2013:-

Microsoft Office Publisher 2013 gives us a new art of working with pictures or images. Microsoft Publisher 2013 allow us to search a picture in our system by sitting at one place, and another unique feature is adding a view in it would an impressive way to work with it.

It allows us to swipe two pictures on a selected area by mounting an icon on both the pages. Unique features like text effects are seen as an option for doing work impressively.

Features of Microsoft Office One Note 2013:-

Microsoft Office One Note 2013 provide us with a feature termed as “Linking” which allow us to draw, erase and edit with our fingers which swiping or touching our system screen. Microsoft Office One Note 2013 helps us to store all our notes to Microsoft Cloud Service.

Microsoft Office One Note 2013 allows us to add videos, documents, pictures at a single click in it.

Features of Microsoft Office Excel 2013-

Microsoft Office Excel 2013 has a “Startup screen” feature which ensures of providing all the list of excel documents with a facility of accessing and opening new documents along on the right side.

The Backstage feature gives fast access to files management as well as a quick view of data files and works from anywhere excel 2013

Instant Data Analysis function helps a user to find data in a meaningful way. Quick data Analysis function applied over selected data as we can preview data in a different format and presented in the form of tables or charts.

Power View is a particular function as it provides the analyzing technique over a data to analyze it, which we have collected from different sources.


The downloading of Microsoft Office 2013 for windows is mention below-

1. First, visit a site and then sign it and after this click on “Download option for windows” and download the file on your system.
2. Now click on installation option to install the file and wait for its installation the file.
3. When installation gets over, click on “finish” option to run the package on your system.


This section primarily deals with the steps of downloading Microsoft Office 2013 for Mac OS which is mention below-

  1. First, visit a site and then sign in it and after this click on “download option for Mac OS” and download the file on your computer.
  2. Click on installation option to install the file on your system and wait for completion of it.
  3. When the above step gets completed, select “finish” option to run the file on your system.


The steps regarding the system requirement of Microsoft Office 2013 are as follows-

  1. Operating System– Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008
  2. Platform– IA-32, x64, ARM.
  3. Memory– 4 GB memory must be free of available hard disk
  4. Processor– 1.2 GHz or faster than this.


Microsoft Office 2013 released on January 29, 2013, and its extension version on April 10, 2013. It is suitable for IA-32and x64 bit size system. The text includes Windows RT devices.


Office RT is a unique version, and it is known as Office 2013 home and student RT.RT devices are mainly used in making operating system of a PC which helps in optimizing the OS along making it thinner in look and extends the battery life for a long run.


Under this section some removed features are given in the form of points, they are as follows:-

  1. Microsoft Share point Work Space
  2. Microsoft Clip Organizer
  3. Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  4. Office 2007 and Office 2010 chart styles
  5. Insert the 3D cone, pyramid or cylinder chart removed from this office.
  6. Word 2013 does not use Clear type.
  7. OUTLOOK Activities tab.
  8. Support for vision drawing.

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