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Adobe Flash Player is freeware used for content created on the Adobe Flash platform, including view multimedia contents, executing rich internal applications and streaming audio and video.

Adobe Flash Player can run from the web browser as the browser plug-in. Flash Player runs SWF files that can be created by Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Flash Player support vector graphics, 3D graphics, video and raster graphics, and a scripting language called Action Script. Action Script is based on ECMA Script and supports object-oriented code.
Adobe Flash Player is distributed free of charge, and plug-in version is available for every primary web browser and operating system.


Adobe Flash Player includes various data formats like XML, JSON, etc. These data formats can be accessed through the Action Script scripting interface.
XML:- Adobe Flash Player has native support for XML parsing and generation since version 8. XML data is held in memory as an XML Document Object Model can be made changes with the of Action Script.

JSON:- Adobe Flash Player has native support for importing and exporting data in the JavaScript Object Notation format which allows interoperability with web services and JavaScript program.

download and install adobe flash player

AMF:- Adobe Flash Player allows application data to be stored on users computers in the form of local shared objects. Adobe Flash Player can be used for reading and write files in the Action Message Format, the default data format of local shared objects. The data can be transferred to and from Flash application using AMF datasets.

Adobe Flash Player is a combination of raster and vector graphics which are used for the multimedia section. It supports the different multimedia formats which can be decoded and playback.

MP3:- MP3 files can be accessed and playback from a server via HTTP which is also a streaming format. The decoding and playback were accessed through MPEG-2 Audio Layer III.

FLV:- FLV stands for Flash Video. FLV is only a container format which supports multiple different video codecs, such as Sorenson Spark. FLV files can be played from the server using HTTP. FLV files can be streamed via RTMP using Adobe Flash Player.

GIF:- GIF support decoding and rendering compressed images in its single frame variants only. Loading a multiple frame GIF would display just the first image frame.


Adobe flash player developed at Adobe System on 1st January 1996 and was written in C++. Adobe Flash Player runs on Windows, Linux, ChromeOS.

PLATFORM:- Web Browsers and Active X- based software.

Type:- Runtime System and browser extension


Flash Player application can be built in two different methods:-

Flex Applications:- Adobe Flex framework is a collection of the Graphical user interface, data manipulation and networking components and applications built upon on it and is term as Flex Application. Flex Application is about 500KB.

Pure Action Script:- Application without the Flex they have flexibility concerning performance. Flash Player is typically pure Action Script projects. Video games that are made for Adobe Flesh Player follow Pure Action Script only for developing it.


Adobe Flash Player provides five methods of developing applications as:-

Adobe Flash Builder:- enterprise application development and debugging.

Adobe Animate:- graphic design, scripting toolset, animation.

Adobe Scout:- visual profiler for performance optimization.

Apache Flex:- a free SDK to compile Flesh Files and Adobe AIR application from source code.

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Some developing methods for games in Adobe Flash Player are:-

Away 3D:- GPU- accelerated 3D graphics animation engine.

Starling:- GPU- accelerated 2D graphics that mimic the flash player list API.

Dragon Bones:- GPU – accelerated 2D skeletal animation library.

Feathers:- GPU- accelerated skinnable GUI library built on top of Starling.


Adobe Flash Player created the Open source Project that removes licensing fees and opens data protocols for Flash. In 2006, the Action Script Virtual Machine2 implemented Action Script 3 and was denoted as open-source to Mozilla Foundation. To begin the virtual machine Tamarian achieve ECMA Script language standard with the help of the Mozilla community. Mozilla and Adobe System now manage it.

In 2013 Cross Bridge C++ cross-compilation toolset was open source by Adobe and released on GitHub. The project was named as “Alchemy,” and it targeted the game development market to enable C++ video game to run in Adobe Flash Player.


HTTP:- Support for communicating with a web server using HTTP request and Post data. The website must have hosted a particular XML file termed as a cross-domain policy which allows flash contents from specific webpage to connect to them. Certain websites such as Digg, Flicker, Photobucket already host a cross-domain that permit flash content to access through their sites.

RTMP:- Support for live video and audio streaming using Real Time Messaging Protocol. RTMP supports non- encrypted version over TCP. RTMP can also be encapsulated within HTTP request to traverse firewalls that only allow HTTP traffic.


Processor:- 1.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or faster

Operating System:- Windows 10, 8.x(32- bit or 64- bit), or Window 7(32-bit or 64- bit).

Browser:- Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome

Adobe Flash Player:- 13.0 or higher.

download adobe flash player


Some steps are as follows:-

  1. Go to the using the browser we would like to install Adobe Flash Player. The downloader page will be seen click on it.
  2.  Now click on “download now” button to get downloaded and set the location for downloading in your system.
  3. Now click on “ install” button for installing and double click when it is done.
  4. After this run the installer and accept the warning, your application is ready for use.
  5. Click on “finish” when acceptance of warning and conditions are done.


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